For the first time published the testimony of witnesses in the case concerning the impeachment of trump


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In the United States for the first time published the testimony of witnesses in the case concerning the impeachment of the President of the United States Donald trump. The transcript of the testimony was published by the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress on its website.

The document quoted former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Mary Jovanovic and former senior adviser to Secretary of state Michael McKinley. Both witnesses claimed that trump was promoting personal interests, trying to convince “foreign government to conduct an investigation against a citizen of the United States”. They made in Congress in October, however, the responses of the diplomats to publish them checked by lawyers.

McKinley said, commenting on the behavior of the trump that in 37 years of public service I’ve never seen such. According to him, the President used diplomacy to “dig up dirt on a political opponent”. Also, the diplomat said that his resignation is connected partly with this situation.

Jovanovic said that he was shocked when heard the recording of the telephone conversation trump with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelenkin. In a conversation on 25 July, the US President promised jovanović “some trouble” and urged Zelensky to collaborate with his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani. Also, the ex-Ambassador told investigators during questioning that he felt threatened.

The release said that later will be published the transcript of the testimony of the former special representative of US state Department on Ukraine, Kurt Volker, the US Ambassador in the European Union Gordon Sandland.

“The case for Biden” became an occasion to start procedure of impeachment of the Trump, which was initiated by the Democratic party in the house of representatives on September 25. According to them, during a telephone conversation with Zelensky, the American leader was pressuring Ukrainian counterpart to get the dirt on Biden, who is the most promising opponent of the incumbent U.S. President in the election in 2020. The President of the United States, called procedure for the coup.

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