Hundreds of bottles sank on the way to Russia valuable alcohol is lifted from the bottom


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ocean X Team / The Local

Diving Ocean X team is lifted from the bottom of the Baltic sea nearly a thousand bottles of rare French alcohol, which sank on the way to Russia over a hundred years ago. About it reports The Local.

Bottles of cognac and liqueur were supposed to deliver in Petrograd in 1917 during the First world war. However, the Swedish steamer on the way to Russia was detained by a German submarine. The crew decided to sink the ship to return to Sweden, since alcohol at the time was smuggling.

In the end, 50 boxes of cognac and 15 cartons of liquor were thought to be lost until 1999. Then was discovered the wreckage of the ship, but it was dangerous to dive in that place. Next time this was possible the divers from Sweden a few years ago. Cognac and liqueur is lifted from the bottom with the help of robots.

All 600 bottles of cognac brand De Haartman & Co, which is no longer produced, and 300 bottles of liqueur Benedictine, now owned by Bacardi, was raised intact. It is reported that a few bottles to be delivered to Russia and Sweden for analysis. Divers have called the find part of the history of the former Imperial Russia.

In early October it was reported found 93 amphoras aged 1700 years off the coast of Majorca in Spain. Experts have suggested that they may be wine, olive oil and fish sauce.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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