Master saved locked in a cage and thrown into the lake of puppy


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Bryant Fritz

A school teacher from the American city of Champaign, Illinois, saved cast into the lake of the wounded dog. It is reported by local newspaper the News-Gazette.

On Saturday, November 2, Bryant Fritz (Fritz Bryant) came to fish on the lake, Kaufman and noticed in the water a cage with a live dog. “I saw a dog at about 15:00, he recalls. — The cage is almost completely gone under water, on the surface remained only the muzzle of a puppy. On the street that day was pretty cold.”

The American immediately took in his clothes and rushed to save the animal. “It was obvious that the dog had been sitting in ice water for a few hours, — says the man. — I quickly pulled her to dry land. It was shaking so hard, it looked painful. I carried her into the car and turned up the heating of the cabin at full capacity.”

Fritz is found on back and paws of the puppy’s wounds. He recorded the dog to a reception at the veterinary clinic and on the road, briefly drove home. “I wrapped her in a blanket, — said the American. I wanted her to quickly warm up”. The vet’s animal was diagnosed with hypothermia — the condition of an organism in which body temperature falling lower than required to maintain normal metabolism and functioning.

Veterinarians treated the puppy wound, gave antibiotics and painkillers. Four-legged patient has quickly gone on the amendment. Monday, November 4, the dog was named Dori, was transferred to service on catching of homeless animals in Champaign County. The dog will stay there for as long as the authorities do not investigate the details of what happened.

Fritz, who recently lost his dog, is planning to adopt Dori. “When I filled out the vet’s paper, I suddenly realized that I wanted this dog became a part of my life,” said the American.

In April it was reported that off the coast of Thailand in the Gulf rescued a dog over 217 kilometers from the coast. Veterinarians concluded that the dog is healthy, and began the search for his master.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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