Pamela Anderson showed vulgar photo in the header of the Indians and was cursed


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American actress and model Pamela Anderson showed archival photos in which she is depicted in a headdress of feathers, and was criticized by fans for cultural appropriation. Reported by the Daily Mail.

52-year-old actress has congratulated its subscribers with a Halloween post on Twitter, which made two black and white photos. On one of them she posing Topless and holding a traditional hat of Indians, on the other — with his back to the camera and with a cap on his head.

As notes the edition, the images were made in 2015, photographer Laurie stark in support of the activist American Indian Leonard Peltier, when the lawyers fought for his release from custody.

However, fans did not appreciate the publication of Anderson and accused her of neglecting the cultural values of native Americans. “We are a culture, not your costume,” wrote the members of the race. “Your racism I’m disappointed in pam. I thought you were better than this,” complained another fan. “Pamela, please don’t do this,” asked the third. “This is a dubious cultural appropriation, which does not like people. The traditional headdress is not the best idea,” said another commentators.

Anderson did not respond to the claims of users, however, spoke in his own defense the next day in a new post. She added two more candid photos and wrote that cares about other people and that being an actress, she fights every day.

In September, a similar problem faced by French fashion house Dior. The brand had to suspend an advertising campaign of the new fragrance line Sauvage due to accusations of cultural appropriation. In a commercial Hollywood actor johnny Depp played guitar among the rocks in Utah, in the historical lands of the Indians in North America, and with it, another actor in traditional costume performed a dance. Due to the outbreak in the network critics Dior has removed the video.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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