Subjected to harassment model accused of excessive sexuality


www.vsyako.netPhoto: page @missjodieweston in Instagram

26-year-old model jodie Weston was accused of sexual harassment towards her because of what she’s “flaunting her body”. It is reported by the Mail Online.

The model was subjected to attempted rape in February 2019. After that, she began to write comments that she is to blame for the incident. The cause of sexual harassment, some users saw in skimpy outfits model.

Weston said that this winter she was attacked by a bystander. She justified that it was freezing, and she was wearing a coat, pants and boots, and the only skin that was visible, is the face, hands and neck. According to her, a stranger in a dark alley caught up with her, hurt grabbed my buttocks, and then “grabbed her face,” and was severely bitten. Then the girl screamed and the man ran away.

Weston tied the Troll attack in a network with the participation in the show Rich Kids Go Skint in which children from wealthy British families in the fall in a poor family. In the program she accused a single mother who lives on benefits, in this in her life situation. After that, she began to write in the network comments that had nothing to do with the theme of the show, including about the wine in the sexual abuse of her.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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