A three-metre crocodile snuck up and grabbed the fisherman’s leg


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On the Philippine island of Palawan crocodile attacked a fisherman. This publication reports the Manila Bulletin.

The incident occurred on the coast in the city of Bataraza. At high tide 52-year-old Filipino was checking svezheproseyannuyu the boat and did not notice the approaching saltwater crocodile. A three-meter reptile has bitten a fisherman in the leg and tried to drag in the water. He began to fight back and managed to escape.

It is reported that the victim was taken to a nearby hospital.

Experts attribute the frequent attacks of crocodiles invasion of people in their habitats, including the construction of houses and settlements near places where reptiles raise their young and hunt.

Saltwater crocodile is one of the largest predators on the planet. Males of this species reach seven meters in length and can weigh up to two tons. They are found on the Eastern coast of India, in many countries in South-East Asia, Papua New Guinea and Northern Australia.

In November, estuarine crocodiles the mating season begins, which lasts until Feb. At this time they are especially aggressive and fiercely defend their territory. From March to August saltwater crocodiles lay eggs.

Earlier it was reported that on Crocker island near the coast of Australia’s Northern territory saltwater crocodile attacked the hunter. 42-year-old Elston Lami Lami (Elston Lami Lami) took the predator over a log when he waded through the shallow water and stood on his back for about 15 seconds.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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