Disproved the myth of the existence of alien life


www.vsyako.netJupiter Photo credit: NASA

An international group of scientists found that the location of Jupiter in the Solar system played a key role in the formation of life on Earth. Gas giants, occupying a certain orbit, stabilize the trajectory of other planets, creating optimal conditions for the emergence of organisms. This publication reports Science Alert.

The researchers modeled different orbit of Jupiter, to see how a gas giant affect the elongation (eccentricity) of Earth’s orbit. If the eccentricity of the orbit of the Earth was equal to the eccentricity of the orbit of mercury, the planet came was closer to the Sun, Venus, and removed to the orbit of Mars that would make life on it impossible. Some scientists believed that the different planetary systems the orbits of the planets can be quite different, but in the Solar system, the most optimal habitat.

In three quarters of the simulations for 10 million years the Solar system was falling apart, as Jupiter did the orbits of the other planets unstable, throwing celestial bodies in deep space or pushing them together. Quarter models of the Earth remained suitable for life.

According to astronomers, the results contradict the hypothesis of rare Earth, according to which the conditions conducive to the emergence of living organisms, are unique in the Universe. The majority of planets that are at an optimal distance from the home star should have any eccentricity and are potentially habitable.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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