Kristen Stewart has said it is ready to propose to his girlfriend


www.vsyako.netKristen Stewartthe: Vincent West / Reuters

American actress Kristen Stewart during an interview with radio host Howard stern said it was ready to propose to his girl, the writer Dylan Meyer. A recording of the conversation posted on the YouTube channel, The Howard Stern Show.

“I am very impulsive. I don’t know when it will happen, but when I first confessed my love for her, we were just sitting in some bar,” shared 29-year-old celebrity. She told me that she is familiar with his lover for about six years, but to see they started recently.

Stewart also admitted to stern that she already has some ideas about the proposal, but she’s not ready to voice them in the air, as it wouldn’t be a surprise for her darling.

The actress said that it is always serious about his novels. She stressed that her relationship with a colleague in the film “Twilight” Robert Pattinson was not a PR attempt, and called the actor’s best. Stewart remembered that he was her first love.

In early September, Kristen Stewart said that her career in the movie demanded to hide the fact that she is bisexual. “I just said, “If you’ll just do yourself a favor and don’t walk around in public holding hands with the girl, then, maybe, will star in the Marvel movie”” — remembered star. She didn’t say who did these requirements.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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