Male 15 years he lived with the tape worm in the brain


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In the Chinese city of Guangzhou, Guangdong province, doctors removed from the patient’s brain 12-inch tape worm. This publication reports the Daily Mirror.

Wang lei (Wang Lei) first fell ill in 2007. The left side of his body lost feeling, he often suffered from headaches.

Wang lei visited several specialists who tried to diagnose the disease. Then he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Despite taking the prescribed medicines the condition of the Chinese has continued to deteriorate. He began to suffer from frequent seizures and blackouts.

In 2018, the doctor found that the brain of a van 15 years lives a tapeworm. These parasites are commonly found in the stomachs of cats and dogs and very rarely in humans.

Doctors recommend a patient to undergo treatment without operation, as the worm was too close to vital parts of the brain. Because medications did not affect the parasite, the surgeons decided to conduct a risky operation.

Van successfully underwent a two-hour procedure to remove the worm in a hospital in Guangzhou. “The operation was extremely risky. A live worm was moving on the brain men. We had to remove it completely, otherwise the remaining part could grow again,” — said the surgeon. He also added that this is the fourth such case in a year. Doctor urged to use caution when cooking and to drink only boiled water.

Now lei is recovering from an operation. His life and health is not in danger.

Earlier it was reported about the inhabitant of the Chinese province of Jiangxi, in the brain which lived for 30 years a tapeworm. Doctors have successfully operated on him and removed the parasite. Under assumptions of physicians, he could be ingested from a contaminated source.

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