Mystery of mysterious extinct people


Scientists at tel Aviv University, the Israel antiquities authority and the University of Ben-Gurion found the origin of the mysterious culture of aurignac who arrived in the Levant 40 thousand years ago. Research work reported in a press release on

The researchers conducted the microtomography of human teeth discovered in Manot cave in West Galilee, a historical area in Israel. It turned out that two teeth belonged to an anatomically modern human, one tooth had signs characteristic of Neanderthals, and another belonged to a man who had traits of both Homo sapiensand Neanderthals.

The results indicate that among Aurignacian were anatomically modern people and Neanderthals, which could have a common offspring. They arrived in the Levant from Europe about 40 thousand years ago and lasted several thousand years in the form of orinakeli culture, which then disappeared for an unknown reason. This people made bone tools, jewelry, primitive musical instruments and rock paintings.

The Levant — the area to the East of the Mediterranean sea, which covers the territory of several countries, including Syria, Palestine, Israel and Lebanon. Through it passed the routes of ancient people who migrated from Africa to Eurasia and from Europe to the East.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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