Teen all night playing a video game and died


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A teenager from the city Udonthani, Thailand, died after all night playing on the computer in the online game. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

17-year-old Blavat Hariken (Plyawat Harikin), being on vacation, all my free time devoted to computer games. Days and nights he sat in front of the monitor and played online multiplayer game.

The parents brought him in the room and asked to think again, but the teenager didn’t listen and continued to play.

October 4, the boy’s father Jarovit (Jaranwit), an officer of the air force, went into the bedroom and saw that his son fell from the computer chair and lies near the system unit. On the table Marikina accumulated a stack of boxes from the takeaway, at the boy’s feet stood a bottle of soda, and his headphones were on the other system unit.

He tried to Wake his son, but he knew that he was dead. Later the doctors examined the body Marikina and concluded that the teenager died from a stroke that occurred due to the games on the computer at night.

Garantit wants his son’s death was a warning to other parents about the need to protect children from the overuse of computer games. He stressed that to gambling addiction Hariken was smart and a good student.

Earlier it was reported that in the UK a ten year old boy for several hours, couldn’t distract from the computer games for the sake of going to the toilet and ended up in the hospital. According to doctors, the child was playing World of Warcraft, Call of Duty and FIFA for eight hours with his father, a gambling addict, all this time he endured and did not go to the bathroom.

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