The main threat to the country houses of the Russians in the winter


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The most common risks that threaten the Russian country towns in the winter, is fires, theft, and freezing of fluids in engineering systems, the report said the insurance company “Sberbank insurance”, arrived in edition “”.

Insurance cases that occur in cold weather with rustic property, the first place on the frequency and scale of harm is fires, state the insurers. The sizes of insurance payments as a result of fires in suburban homes can achieve a complete the amount for which the property insured. The average payout for such claims is about 400 thousand rubles.

Second place is occupied by thefts and wrongful acts of third persons. “With the departure of the owners, substantially increase the risk of penetration into the homes of strangers, experts say. — Among the most common examples of damage to country property — burglary door, the battle of the glass, breaking furniture, stealing of property. The sum insured in such cases is about 200 thousand rubles.”

Another risk, the probability of which increases significantly with the onset of cold weather, the freezing of fluids in engineering systems due to the low temperatures, which may cause the pipes to burst. As noted in the “Sberbank insurance”, protection from such risk on the market offer only a few companies.

Earlier, in October, it became known that the average cost of a country house in Russia increased last year by eight percent, to a level of 1.95 million rubles for the object. The most notable price increase of 12 percent over the year — was celebrated in Tatarstan, the Tyumen region and the Bashkortostan Republic. Reduced price tag recorded only in the Voronezh region — one percent.

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