A popular way of getting rid of viruses considered ineffective


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vasily Fedosenko / Reuters

Experts in the field of cyber security called the computer restart wrong decision after being infected with a virus-extortionist. They commented on a study that does a third of users, according to ZDnet.

The experts said that the restart in some cases may provoke the activity of the virus and aggravate the infection process. The best solution they called put the device in sleep mode and disconnect it from the network. Then you should seek help from professionals. Experts said that to shut down the computer is also possible, however, sleep mode will allow you to save a copy, which in some cases can be used to detect encryption keys.

They also added that a reboot can help if you delete old versions of a virus that blocks a screen, however to get rid of modern ransomware so it will not turn.

According to previous research, 30 percent of the victims have reset their computers to deal with virus-ransomware infects a computer. Analysis conducted by scientists from Stanford University.

CEO Coveware bill Siegel (Bill Siegel) noticed that a reboot can reduce the chances of data recovery. He noticed that sometimes the information is encrypted partly because any problem or error, “so the victim must take advantage of this and not allow the malware to complete the work.” The expert warned that rebooting the computer restarts frequently and extortion. “No to restart!” — he concluded. According to Siegel, this advice applies to all users without exception.

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