Appeared in Moscow housing with an area of 8.5 square meters



In Moscow put up for sale a Studio apartment with an area of 8.5 square meters. An announcement posted on one of the sites with ads for the sale of real estate.

The accommodation is located on the second floor of a panel of nine-of the Lublin district, a 12-minute walk from the metro station. “Sell the Studio! The area of 8.5 meters (in the is less than 10 do not write)”, — stated in the description of the object. According to the text of the ad, the living area of the Studio is six square meters, kitchen area of two square meters.

The description emphasizes that the sale may provide the owner of a Metropolitan residence. “Ideally in leasing, says the author of the ad. — Near the shopping center “Moscow” — high demand for housing.” The value of the property, the seller estimated 1.74 million rubles.

Earlier analysts “World Apartments” drew attention to the increase in Russia the number of proposals of apartments with an area of ten square meters. The company stressed that such a proposal is most often found on the secondary market. The documents microquantity more likely to be converted into a separate dwelling rooms in dormitories and hotel type houses.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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