Five Russians beat to death a disabled person for refusing to give money



In Ufa the company of guys brutally beat a disabled man who refused to give them money. The man died two days later without waiting for the next operation. This was told by the niece of the deceased, writes

The fight occurred on the night of 3 November. That day the man was returning home after meeting friends. When he passed the local school, he was approached by five guys and asked for money, says the niece. After refusing the man was thrown to the ground and started kicking.

After returning home, the man refused to call an ambulance, relatives persuaded him to do it the next day when he got worse. The invalid was hospitalized, he removed the spleen and small intestine. After that, he was in intensive care, where it hooked up to the machine, as he wasn’t breathing himself. The day was planned the new operation, but the man died.

The niece of men said that since military service he is not working the right arm, and therefore it could not be used for self-defense. According to her, the Investigative Committee of Russia opened a case of murder, but the beating of a suspected friend of the man.

In April in the town of Polevskoy in Sverdlovsk region, a group of teenagers beat 22-year-old local resident with a disability, which was not for them the cigarette. As told by the father of the victim, the young man was returning home when he was approached by three or four students. One asked for a cigarette and the young man replied that he didn’t smoke. Then the boys grabbed him by the jacket and demanded to get out of the pockets of all contents. He tried to escape but was caught and beaten. The young man three teeth knocked out, split lip, broken nose, the body multiple abrasions and bruises. The victim is disabled from childhood, at it a head injury and frequent seizures.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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