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English dictionary Collins called strike climate (“climate strike”) phrase of the year.

It is known that it was first used in 2015 because of the protests during the United Nations conference on climate change. In 2019 it has gained popularity because of the 16-year-old Swedish ecoactivists Greta Thunberg. A girl with Asperger’s syndrome is considered to be one of the world leaders in the environmental movement. She gained fame after single picket in front of Parliament in Stockholm in 2018. In September of this year Thunberg made a speech at the climate summit at the UN, where he chastised politicians for the destructive consequences of their decisions.

It is noted that in the short list were the words an influencer (of people, influencing others), deepfake (technology that replaces the face) and rewilding (the rehabilitation of wildlife).

Dictionary Collins is the largest single-volume dictionary of the English language. It explains the value of more than 722 thousand words. The publication consists of 2340 pages and weighs 2.6 kilograms.

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