Named the most indebted group of Russians


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexey Sukhorukov / RIA Novosti

Russians with average incomes most often take the credit, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the research of holding “ROMIR”.

It is noted that regular credit cards are 89 percent of citizens with average incomes. It is also known that 22 percent of Russians in the same category pay the loan on the car, and 20 percent for emergency needs.

In addition, among citizens with high income mortgage loan is 4.6 percent of the population, with an average of 5.1 percent, with a low 7.9 percent.

Also, according to the study, 50 percent of Russians with high incomes own two or more vehicles, while this figure among the citizens of low income is 11 percent.

In mid-October, the National Bureau of credit histories announced that the average debt burden indicator (PDN) of Russians, indicating the level of debts, rose for the first time in four years. The highest debt load of the population recorded in Amur (30,41%), the Kirov (29.45 percent) and Orenburg (28.64%) regions.

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