Poroshenko accused militias of Donbass in the deception


www.vsyako.netPhoto: page of Petro Poroshenko in Facebook

Former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the militia at the Village Lugansk in the Donbas dressed in civilian and still are weapons in combat positions. He reported about it in Facebook.

According to him, from the bridge into the village of the Luhansk under control of Ukraine, you can see the position of the militia. Poroshenko said that he personally wanted to make sure if it passed the dilution only troops from the Ukrainian side. So he decided to talk with the military and local residents, who allegedly told him that the militias are disguised as civilians.

“My stable position — we need to protect people from the frontline areas and are not allowed to give the enemy a centimeter of Ukrainian land,” Poroshenko added. The former President also believes that peace in the Donbass can only come if “Russian troops get out of Ukrainian land and Ukraine will resume control over the border”.

The dilution of forces and means at the next station in the conflict zone in the Donbass is constantly postponed. To start the process near the village of Petrovskoe planned on 4 November, after the withdrawal of the Armed forces of Ukraine and the self-proclaimed Luhansk people’s Republic in the Golden, which took place earlier. However, the Minister of defense of Ukraine Andriy Zagorodnyuk stated that the date of the withdrawal of troops in the area in Petrovsky will be reviewed.

Part of Donbass is out of control in Kiev as a result of armed conflict. In April 2014, the Ukrainian government began a military operation against the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk national republics. Kiev has repeatedly accused Moscow of involvement in the fighting. Russia denies all allegations, pointing out their unfounded.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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