Who said about the role of video games in the shooting of the soldiers, the head of “Soldiers ‘ mothers” fired


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The Chairwoman of the “Committee of soldiers ‘ mothers of Russia” flair Salikhovskaya, said about the impact of computer games on the psychological health of the killing of his colleagues in a military unit in Transbaikalia soldiers of R. Shamsutdinova, was removed from office. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the organization Andrei Kurakin, reports “Interfax”.

According to him, the decision on termination of powers Salikhovskaya was adopted on 2 November at the reporting-election conference. “Now Salikhovskaya has no right to make statements, sign documents on behalf of the organization without the consent of the Board,” he said, adding that the decision on the appointment of a new Chairman will be taken by the Board.

Earlier it became known that members of the “Committee of soldiers ‘ mothers of Russia” disagree with the opinion Salikhovskaya. According to them, they can’t tell you what was the reason for the incident, but do not deny that it could be hazing, in its various manifestations. “We stand firmly on the position that hazing in the armed forces, which are called “bullying”, not eradicated!” — said in a statement published in the group in “Vkontakte”.

6 November, the Chairman of the Presidium of “Officers of Russia” Sergei Lipov said that to prevent crime you need to organize the work of psychologists and to block access to violent computer games on the Internet. His idea was supported by Salikhovskaya and called “close Internet”. However, she acknowledged that military units still have hazing, Shamsutdinov and could not withstand conflicts with co-workers.

Private Shamshudinov 25 October with the changing of the guard shot and killed eight co-workers, the first was killed the company commander. Soldiers immediately surrendered to the anti-terror group and said he did not regret. Immediately after the incident, the defense Ministry reported that Shamsutdinova could happen nervous breakdown due to personal issues not related to the service. The source “Tape.ru” said that the soldier dared to commit a crime because of the bullying.

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