A supporter of ISIS has revealed the names involved in the undermining of the Russian plane


www.vsyako.netPhoto: MAK / Wikimedia

Convicted Australian terrorism supporter groups “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia) told about the people involved in the explosion on Board the Russian plane to Egypt. About it reports broadcasting company DR (Danish radio), citing court documents.

Testified the 51-year-old Hayat Khaled, who in Australia was found guilty of trying to undermine the aircraft in 2017. The man told police that the crash of a passenger airliner over the Sinai Peninsula involved his brother Tarek Hayat and Danish citizen Basil Hassan.

According to him, both attacks stood the same people. Used was the same method: laid on Board bomb.

It is noted that Tarek Hayat sentenced in Iraq to the death penalty for terrorism. While DR Hassan calls one of the main people in the ISIS planning attacks. It is noted that he has long studied the shortcomings of aviation security, including sending parcels to different countries.

Khaled Khayat in early 2019 was convicted of trying to blow up the plane Etihad flying from Sydney to Abu Dhabi. Arrested him in 2017 on a tip from a foreign intelligence service. It was noted that the attack, allegedly broke due to too much weight of the suitcase with the bomb.

The attack occurred aboard the Russian companies “Kogalymavia” 31 October 2015. The ship was heading from Sharm El Sheikh to Saint Petersburg. On Board were 224 people, mostly citizens of Russia. They all died. After that Moscow has stopped the traffic with Egypt to improve the security situation in the country’s airports. Responsibility for the attack, no one picked up.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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