Russia revealed the cause of difficult relations with the West


www.vsyako.netAnatoly Antonutti: Michael Turgiev / RIA Novosti

Russia’s Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov said that the reason for difficult relations with the West lies in its “revival”. This was reported on the website of the diplomatic mission.

The diplomat believes that in difficult times for Russia 90-ies of XX century it excessively trust the outside world, preparing to build a single security on equal terms with other countries. “Russia is gradually beginning to recover position… “Winners” in the cold war, however, these processes are not welcomed”, — said Antonov. He stressed that Western countries are unable to understand that the “revival of Russia is inevitable”, from-for what have problems in dealing with them.

Antonov also noted that “claim to sole leadership in the world,” countries are unable to accept the precariousness of their position as an objective historical process, began to face new centers of power in the world. “Constantly emphasize that we have no anti-Americanism,” — said the Ambassador. He added that Russia stands for increasing the travel of citizens of the United States with different goals.

In September, the Pentagon mark Esper has started to behave “like a normal country” for cooperation with the United States. He said that now Russia “contributes to the instability, violating the territorial integrity of its neighbors”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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