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In Russia, the lessons for pupils of Junior, middle and senior school classes suggested in different buildings. About it write “news” with reference to the prepared on behalf of the President of Russia the recommendations of the Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI).

According to the document, the pace of construction of schools in Russia do not allow to eliminate the third shift, in connection with which there is a need for a special multi-purpose spaces. Recommendations the authors propose to introduce such requirements for school spaces and to combine the gym and the auditorium, put in the corridors of bookshelves and transfer students middle and high school in a tech body.

“We build a lot of meter, but wasteful. Throughout the world, schools are turning to the public space, the center of gravity and teamwork, and we continue to reproduce in-line conveyors of knowledge with a huge useless corridors and rooms that are not used in the educational process”, — explained the press service of the ASI.

However, Professor Emeritus, Institute of education Higher school of Economics (HSE) Irina Abankina noted that “such use of the premises, it is possible and convenient, but will have to change SRN”. In the Ministry of education told the publication about the participation in the dialogue on the recommendations of the ASI.

The document is directed on consideration to the government.

Until 2024 in Russia it is planned to implement the national project “Education”. In it, include the Federal project “Modern school”, in which the Russian educational institutions will introduce new methods and training programs, and many of the usual formats finally go to the past. By 2021, will completely eliminate the third shift, and by the end of 2024 will open the first of 25 schools built with private investment. The total budget of the project amounted to 784,5 billion.

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