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A resident of the Australian city of Hobart, Tasmania, a few months followed the car and phone ex-girlfriend with the help of special applications. This publication reports ABC News.

The man helped the girl to buy a car brand Land Rover and thus learned identification number (VIN). After the breakup he used it to get access to information about its movements. The app automatically forwarded data to his email address and allow you to remotely turn on and off certain functions of the car. In addition, the man installed on a mobile phone of his victim spy software, tracking her location.

She realized that was the object of surveillance, when her car lost mobile phone. She took the notebook to see was someone, but instead her account opened the email, who has followed her men. In his letters, she saw the automated message about her travels, including a map of the venue where she worked, with a mark at the point where parked her car.

She didn’t want the attacker found out about this, so I called my father on someone else’s phone and told about the discovery. Police searched the man’s house and found in his notebook the date of the course, which had planned to visit a girlfriend, the list of places she has visited, and other personal information. In addition, he found a list of weapons and cost accounting.

In court the man pleaded guilty. It is expected that the verdict will be delivered in December.

Earlier it was reported that in the U.S. city of Midland, Michigan, the girl climbed into the trunk of the car, to see acquaintance, showed interest in her lover. The guy released her from the trunk after she listed to him everything she wanted him to do.

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