In Canada decided to limit the English language



The authorities of the canadian province of Quebec will provide services exclusively in French. This was stated by Prime Minister of the region Vladimir Legault, reports “UKRINFORM”.

According to him, this decision will not require changes in legislation, since the current rules provide for priority uses in the province the French language. The changes will affect mainly immigrants, exceptions are made for aboriginal peoples of Quebec and the descendants of those who studied in an English speaking environment.

“If your parents went to English school, you have certain rights in Quebec, and we will respect them. If you are a new immigrant, we need to speak with you in French,” said Legault.

In 2014, the government of Quebec has demanded from the owner of women’s boutique Delilah’s Willow Cooper (Eva Cooper) to use Facebook in French instead of English. According to officials, the girl can apply in English on his personal page, as well as in personal correspondence. However, all the posts in the community her store, you will need to write in French, as required by article 52 adopted in the province “of the Charter of the French language” (Charte de la Langue Française).

“Charter of the French language” enshrined official status of French in québec, in 1977. The equality of English and French in Quebec since then recognized only to organizations at the Federal level and in the courts. In all other places English can be used only with the mandatory French designation. So, in Quebec the signage, billboards and road signs all labels must be in French. The text may be duplicated in English, however, the size of the English letters shall not exceed three quarters of the size of the French. Inscriptions in other languages are not limited in size.

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