The actress has accused Roman Polanski of rape


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Charles Platiau / Reuters

French actress and photographer Valentine Monnier accused Director Roman Polanski of rape allegedly occurred in 1975. Her story was published in the newspaper Le Parisien.

According to her, the incident occurred when she was vacationing at a ski resort in Switzerland, where also was the Director. Friends introduced 18-year-old Monier with Polanski and the next day, when they’re alone in the lift, he asked her about her readiness for physical intimacy. The girl refused, but continued communication with him. The evening of the same day they went to the restaurant, and then returned to the cabin, which was shot group of friends, after which the Director allegedly raped Monnier.

The desire to say this after 44 years she says the news about the new film “an officer and a spy”, telling about the high-profile trial in the history of France — the Dreyfus affair.

She noted that submit a statement to the police the next day, as she was advised by one of the friends of Polanski, who she was after the incident, she was prevented by fear. The newspaper also contacted the friends, he expressed readiness to testify if the case goes to court.

86-year-old Director Roman Polanski is the winner of dozens of awards. Previously he was accused of rape. In 1977, the victim was allegedly Samantha Gamer. According to prosecutors, he gave a 13-year-old American champagne and drugs, and then forced to have sex. The filmmaker pleaded guilty in a deal with the court agreed to a psychiatric evaluation, but fled to Europe after learning that the judge may cancel the agreement and send him to prison for a long time.

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