The defendant in the case about the murder of former mayor of Kiselevsk found a cache of weapons


www.vsyako.netEkaterina Chesnokova / RIA Novosti

Near the house of one of the accused in the murder of former mayor of the city of Kiselevsk (Kemerovo oblast), Sergey Lavrentiev found a cache of weapons and ammunition. On Saturday, November 9, reported on the website of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR).

The cache was carefully hidden in the farm building near the private house of the accused in the Kemerovo region. The weapons were wrapped in packages and matter, stored in the refrigerator, which serves as a “capsule” for its safety, and the fridge was buried in the ground, covered with wooden planks and concrete slabs. Along with several firearms, investigators found ammunition, handcuffs, gloves and masks, as well as “products, presumably of gold.”

Appointed forensic examination, including ballistic, and genomic fingerprinting.

Sergey Lavrentiev, head of Kiselevsk for 16 years, was killed during a shootout near his own house in the vicinity of the city on the night of 1 November. The attackers were three, one of them died.

The killer of the former official admitted Sergey Shilov. According to investigators, he is at least four times shot to the victim. Shilov wrote a confession and took the blame.

A criminal murder case, the priority version of what happened is considered assault. There was also the version that Shilov and his accomplices attacked Lavrent it to kill him.

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