The Russians warned of the mortal danger of kitchen sponges


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Sponge for washing dishes should be changed at least once a week. The relevant recommendations issued by the experts of Rospotrebnadzor, reports TASS.

According to them, a sponge for washing dishes and the space around it can contain about 360 species of bacteria.” It is proved that the kitchen sponge can be 200 thousand times dirtier than the toilet seat” — recalled the expert.

During the research it was found that kitchen sponges contain yeast and mold (86%), and coliform bacteria, which can lead to acute enteric infections (77 percent). In 18 percent they found staph bacteria.

According to experts, dangerous bacteria also going on sinks, countertops, cutting boards, refrigerators, cooking supplies (towels, rags), bins, and kitchen processors, meat grinders, blenders and mixers.

To prevent kitchen infections the Russians advised to wash your sink with disinfectant, wipe dry all surfaces and utensils and wipe down the handles of household appliances and furniture. In addition, it is recommended to wash towels once a week and every month to wash the bin with chlorine-containing agent.

In 2017 the German scientists came to the conclusion that sponges for washing dishes, a multitude of pathogenic bacteria. It turned out that the germs are mostly on the surface of sponges, as well as within adjacent pores.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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