The Russians will be able to receive rapid tests for dangerous diseases in shopping malls


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vitaly Belousov / RIA Novosti

Apparatus for rapid tests for diabetes and cholesterol in the blood appeared in shopping centers in Russia. About this newspaper “Izvestia”.

The box for the test like a vending machine. To pass the diagnosis to do exhale into a special tube through which the air gets into the camera with a smoldering electric discharge. He, in turn, responds to the mixture and to determine its composition using the mass spectrometer.

“The device receives information about dozens of gases, which allows to make conclusions about the presence of health problems,” explained project Manager Health Monitor Maxim Dvedenidova.

It is noted that the apparatus determines the presence of dangerous diseases in three minutes. However, this diagnosis is only preliminary, experts say. The result is not a hundred percent accurate, but can be a reason for a visit to the doctor. The cost of passing a quick test — 200 rubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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