The United States began the sale of “carbon-negative” vodka


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Air Co.

American Air company has launched the sale of “carbon-negative” of vodka, reports Popular Mechanics.

The technology of manufacture of such alcoholic beverage, according to the American edition, involves reducing the carbon content in the atmosphere. For the production of this vodka is enough water, air and electricity. One bottle of vodka Air value of $ 65 contains as much carbon as it can absorb a 7.5 tree.

In August President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko gave the adviser to the U.S. President for homeland security John Bolton, a bottle of Belarusian vodka “President,” saying that it is better than the same beverage from Russia.

In April, the Federal alcohol market regulatory service said that in the Russian market third of all vodka, a verified organization in 2018, was a fake.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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