Ukrainian nationalists besieged the Embassy of Poland in Kiev


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Hromadske

A group of Ukrainian nationalists went to the Polish Embassy in Kyiv for a rally in support of Igor Mazura, Deputy commander of the UNA-UNSO (an organization banned in Russia). Reported by Hromadske.

The protesters demanded from the Polish authorities to release veteran ATO Callsign “Topol”. According to the statement of the congregation, they came to inform the poles that they had detained an innocent man and “that played up Russia.”

Earlier, on 9 November, the Ukrainian nationalists demanded that the Ukrainian foreign Ministry to intervene and facilitate the immediate release of Mazur.

Mazur was arrested on 9 November in Poland at the border checkpoint Dorohusk at Russia’s request. November 11 the local court will consider taking Mazura into custody for the purpose of further extradition to Russia.

In 2014 in Moscow Mazur was a criminal case under article “creating a stable armed group”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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