Bride shamed for similar to lingerie


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Bride published online pictures of the “dress of their dreams” and faced a wave of negative comments from users. In her post on the portal WeddingBee noticed in The Sun.

The picture shows a white wedding dress with lace corset with thin straps and a long translucent skirt. The author brand is a popular manufacturer of wedding dresses Berta.

In the description of the girl under the nickname fiancetobee explained that the dress she likes, is a large sum of money, and she can’t afford it. So she decided to order exactly the same in the Studio, however, worried that the result may not justify expectations. Also fiancetobee asked everyone who read the post to Express their opinion.

Portal users did not appreciate the choice of the bride. According to many, the dress looked like lingerie and not suitable for the occasion. “Too transparent and very similar to underwear”, “In my opinion, translucent dress already out of fashion”, “Cute, but looks like lingerie for my taste. But each to their own,” said they.

The bride was insulted by the comments, she found that it compares with a prostitute. “Wow, I didn’t expect to see so many harsh words… I don’t think it is so translucent. Many modern dresses are embellished with lace or embroidery,” he defended fiancetobee.

However, users are not supported the bride and reminded that she has published your post in order to read the opinions of strangers.

In July, another bride-to-be ridiculed for inappropriate wedding ceremony appearance. In Facebook community, and That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming (“I mock weddings”) there was a wedding photo Danish actress and model Emma Rosenzweig. The girl in the photo comes with a bouquet in transparent dress and huge hat of the fashion house Jacquemus. Post placed in the wearer felt that the outfit of the actress does not match the event.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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