Denied emergency complete rubbish the Russian city


www.vsyako.netPhoto: the newspaper “Our Biysk”

In the main Department of EMERCOM in the Altai territory said that the information about introduction of state of emergency (PC) in Biysk because of the accumulated debris is not true. On this edition of “Altapress” told in a press-Department service on Monday, November 11.

It is noted that reporting the introduction of an emergency the Deputy head of the city Irina Lomonosov could not be expressed. At the same time, by data a press-services of the mayoralty of Biisk, the state of emergency imposed on November 11 with 00:00 , the corresponding order is already signed. It is noted that the city has worsened sanitary-epidemiological situation.

The abundance of debris in Biysk arose from the “interaction of the regional operator and managers of the Biysk landfill in terms of waste disposal”. The authorities stressed that urban management utilities will conclude contracts on garbage collection.

As reported by news portal “biyskiy Rabochiy”, Biysk area serves a regional operator, “Special Central”, which has a claim to the city landfill “Special plus”. At the end of September 2018 between reoperation and the site was awarded the contract for the reception and disposal of solid municipal waste, but for eight months the companies are arguing about whether it is signed.

In March 2019, the arbitration court began to consider the case, however, the meeting for various reasons, repeatedly postponed.

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