Mother insulted friends and relatives in the network and there was one


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Popular blogersha Clemmie Hooper (Clemmie Hooper) was accused of spreading rumors and bullying online. According to the Mirror, the woman was hiding under a fake account.

For eight months Hooper left unflattering comments about his friends and the friends on the popular anonymous platform Tattle Life. In addition, she spoke unkindly of his loved ones, including her husband.

Some web users became suspicious when he followed the activities of the anonymous profile nick AliceInWanderLust. After some time, Hooper opened close friends, what she stands for cruel ridicule, however, begged not to reveal her authorship in public space.

The mother of four children was caught when it was revealed that her geolocation and the location of the anonymous user are often the same. Many of her friends have come forward to support victims of bullying, and then Hooper was forced to confess.

“I know that rumor, and I want to take the opportunity to explain everything” she said in Instagram-stories. According to Hooper, she saw a gossip site, where I read a lot of comments about themselves and their families. Then she decided to become part of the community and to change people’s opinions from the inside, affecting users in order to protect his family.

The woman said that “lost” in the online world, and repent their crimes. “Participation in this was a huge mistake. I take full responsibility for what happened, and I’m sorry for the pain I caused to all the participants, including my friends and family,” she said. Recognition Hooper aggression caused by her friends and colleagues. They urged her to put in order his life and to apologize to each victim.

In 2018 Hooper was at the center of the scandal, netizens accused her of using young daughters for profit. According to them, the woman instantly took a minor in advertising or sales of any goods in social networks. After that, blogger has reduced the number of photos with the kids. Now on its account signed mother_of_daughters signed by almost 700 thousand people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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