Named successor retired President of Bolivia


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A member of the Senate of Bolivia from the opposition party “Democratic unity” Jeanine Agnes becomes acting President of Bolivia. It is reported by local newspaper Página Siete.

The second Deputy speaker of the Senate of Bolivia stated that temporarily occupy the post of President after the resignation of Evo Morales, citing the country’s Constitution. She added that it will take responsibility only to organize new elections.

After the resignation of Morales, his post was to take Vice-President, álvaro garcía Liner, but he has resigned. The Chairman of the Senate adriana Salvatierra and the head of the chamber of deputies Victor Borda, who was next on the list for appointment, also resigned.

11 Nov Evo Morales resigned from the post of President of Bolivia. He said that he did it to resolve a conflict situation in the country. The unrest in Bolivia began after the re-election of Morales.

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