The doctors made a mistake and buried the living patient


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In the Colombian city of Barranquilla was declared dead by doctors of a living patient. About it reports information portal Seven News.

80-year-old Candelario Gutierrez Hernandez (Hernandez Candelario Gutierrez) from Ponedera was in the hospital because of breathing problems. At seven a.m. he was pronounced dead.

“We were told that he died of natural causes. Then we were given his death certificate. His body was left in the hospital in a special bag, says the daughter men of Fontalvo Gutierrez (Gutierrez Fontalvo). — However, come the undertakers told us that the man is still alive”.

The family immediately telephoned the hospital, who confirmed that the patient is still alive. “The patient checked out several doctors, and they all said the same thing — says Gutierrez of Fontalvo. We arrived there and saw that he blinks and moves his hands. He was warm”.

“When I touched him, he cried for a bit and opened his eyes. Then he blinked again, and I told the family: “My uncle is still alive,”” says his niece, Lesnar Gutierrez (Gutierrez Luzneira).

Candelario Gutierrez Hernandez died only 18:30 the same day.

Hospital which prematurely issued a certificate of death of the patient, has not yet commented on the incident. She soon plans to issue a press release. It remains unknown whether the family of the deceased to file against the clinic’s lawsuit.

At the end of October it was reported that in the U.S. city of Port Angeles, Washington, a woman has filed a lawsuit against the medical centre “Olympic” for neglect of her sick mother. According to the lawsuit, the body of the deceased was taken to the morgue with injuries and a bloodstained sheet.

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