The family of al-Assad found two dozen elite apartments in Moscow


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Matthias Hangst / Getty Images

Relatives of Syrian President Bashar Assad is owned at least 20 apartments in the international business complex “Moscow-city”. It is reported by the Financial Times.

According to the publication, over the last six years, several members of the family Makhlouf, the Assad acquired, including 18 properties in the “capital City” is located in the city complex of two skyscrapers. Transactions are mostly done through offshore Lebanese company.

The Financial Times notes that 13 lots in the city were purchased directly a cousin of Assad’s military Hafiz Makhlouf or through its controlled company. Two more facilities wife bought Rami Makhlouf (the older brother of Hafiz Makhlouf) and his sister-in-law. Three lots were issued to the nephew of Hafiz.

The total value of all apartments purchased by a family is estimated at $ 40 million (2,55 billion). The publication stresses that the relatives of Assad invested in Moscow real estate, to withdraw money from the civil war-torn country.

In July, it became known that the luxury property in the center of Moscow owns the Queen of England. Elizabeth II owns four apartments in the house №10 in the 1st Obydensky lane. In the documents of the Federal service for state registration the owner of the property stated “Her Majesty the Queen ruling Canada.” Three apartments were purchased in 2002 the company “PKF Front” and one in 2003 from a businessman Andrei rokerage. The total value of the property was estimated at $ 12 million (760 million rubles).

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