The man snatched in a dream to the wife for a rare disease



An American resident of Ashland, Ohio, suffers from a behavioral disorder of sleep. This is the website of the TV channel Fox 8.

Ron Whitehall (Ron Whitehall) had a long history of sleepwalking, but this phenomenon was intermittent. One day he found himself in the car in the morning. Whitehall twice fell down the stairs when I was sleepwalking.

Recently a man started to play their dreams. Suffers his wife J. P., with whom he has been married 41 years. When a man dreamt that he was confronted by the school bully, or fought off snakes, in reality, he missed sleeping next to his wife.

The woman is concerned about the state of her husband. She said that in life the man was not aggressive and would never hurt her, but in the dream behaves like another person. As a result, Polson and J. P. decided to sleep in different rooms.

The couple turned for help to the clinic of sleep. The man was diagnosed with a behavioral sleep disorder and prescribed him medication.

In March it was reported that the inhabitant of the British city Farham, Hampshire, told about a rare disorder that causes her to eat unhealthy foods at night. About ten years ago, the British began to half-dream state at night to go to the kitchen and eat ice cream, cakes, sweets and crisps.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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