Moscow police arranged a meeting with drug


www.vsyako.netArchived fotofoto: Denis Vyshinsky / Kommersant

In Moscow have detained two police officers, who organized a fake date with drugs. On Tuesday, November 12, according to Baza.

According to the publication, the staff recorded his friend on a social network and online Dating, then her name became acquainted with the young people and made an appointment. From the reports indicated that the girl is not against intimacy, if the date to be illegal substances that you need to take it in the specified place.

There young men were allegedly caught red-handed and offered to pay a bribe in order to avoid the consequences. In the tab instead of drugs, as a rule, were crushed tablets.

Most of the victims agreed, but one of them, promising to send the remaining money on the card, turned to the other police officers. In the end, the suspects and their friends were arrested.

On 30 August it was reported that in Astrakhan opened a criminal case against three police officers suspected of creating a bookmark of drugs for improved performance. According to investigators, they found a man born in 1994 and persuaded him to find a buyer for substances, and in the time of the transaction of that supposedly was going to be detained on the crime scene.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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