Reveals the reasons for the attempted escape of the former head of CSKA


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Former chief of Department on work with personnel of the Ministry of defense of Russia, Colonel Mikhail Baryshev, a person arrested for receiving bribes for 23.5 million rubles, attempted to escape from the building of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) after talking with the investigator. About it reports “Kommersant”.

According to the newspaper, Baryshev told about new charges against him. Initially, investigators believed that he had received seven million, ten million and 6.6 million rubles from the representatives of the companies RedSys, Forward and “Five sevens” for the right to participate in the provision of the III World military games in February 2017 in Sochi. However it became known later that, in addition, the Colonel received other bribes, and also wrote out fictitious awards to subordinates, asking them to return the money. In total the amount of claims increased to 31.8 million rubles.

In addition, in relation to Barysheva was prosecuted for abuse of office and fraud on a large scale. After hearing the prosecution, the Colonel ran out of the investigator’s office and headed to the stairs, where he was detained by the guards. On this fact criminal case was initiated on trying to escape, but the charge on it Baryshev has not yet filed. The lawyer said that his client made “an emotional thing”, but did not think to run, and even waited for his pursuers at the stairs.

In addition, the investigation established that the intermediary in bribery was made by the actor Alexey Cucumbers. He managed to avoid prosecution, as he immediately began to cooperate with the investigation.

Earlier it was reported that Colonel Baryshev tried to escape from the building of the TFR in the hope that it will shoot the guards. According to him, he does not expect an objective investigation. Baryshev emphasized that the escape was not planned, but only made a couple dozen steps down the corridor.

Mikhail Baryshev was born in 1978 in Saransk, he served in the battalion honor guard special commandant of the regiment, and from 2009 to 2012 he was its commander. After that he served in the Central apparatus of the Federal security service, and from 2014 to 2017 was the head of the Federal Autonomous institution of the Ministry of defense of Russia “Central sport club of army”. In may of the same year he was appointed to the post of chief of the Main Directorate for work with personnel of the Ministry of defense of Russia.

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