Russia shifted to the US “clear and healthy future” Baikonur


www.vsyako.netDmitry Rogozine: Sergey Guneev / RIA Novosti

The future of the Baikonur cosmodrome (Kazakhstan) is linked by flights of rockets and spacecraft to the International space station (ISS). This was stated by the General Director of “Rosatom” Dmitry Rogozin, reports TASS.

“Recently we read the news that the U.S. congressmen expressed their joint initiative, came out with a bill to extend operation of the ISS until 2030. This means that at least up to this period, Baikonur will work in the framework of the manned program that does not exclude the addition of its potential from the point of view of the launch pad to launch automatic space vehicles”, — said the head of state Corporation.

Rogozin also added that that is why the Baikonur “clear and healthy future.”

In September with the “Gagarin start” (Baikonur) was the last in the history of the rocket “Soyuz-FG”.

In July, Rogozin said that the reconstruction of the “Gagarin start” will cause the firing of rockets “Soyuz-2.1 a” to the ISS will be one of the launch pad at Baikonur, which creates additional risks.

In March, the Manager said that Russia continues to cooperate with Kazakhstan in the space industry, but in a critical situation can shift manned launches from the Baikonur spaceport East.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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