Explained falling of interest of Russians to the mortgage


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Konstantin Kokoshkin / “Kommersant”

The decline in mortgage lending in Russia, recorded in the year 2019, due primarily to the fact that many potential buyers are in the standby mode. This is stated in the analytical materials of the Agency “NDV-real Estate”, arrived in edition “Tapes.ru”.

Citizens believe that because of the reduction in the key rate of the Central Bank’s mortgage will continue to become cheaper, and the rates in the foreseeable future will decrease repeatedly. “However, there are other reasons for this situation, experts say. — Real incomes over the last two years strongly decreased and continues to fall. Therefore, despite the measures of state support, mortgage is becoming more and more unbearable. In addition, the debt load of the Russian population is really high.”

According to analysts, until the end of 2019 should not expect from the Central Bank reducing the key rate. Subject to reduction, held from 25 Oct, mortgage rates may fall for three to six months by 0.25-0.5 percent, believe in “NDV”.

“But at any moment things can rapidly change depending on external economic and political situation, experts warn. — Real estate prices are growing at 10-12 percent per year. In anticipation of low rates is possible to lose strongly in the price proposal.”

Earlier in November, the Russians revealed the sources of funds for the down payment on the mortgage. It was found that 16 percent of mortgage holders are turning to parents, about a quarter of the sell another property, nine per cent take a consumer loan for the down payment, three percent sell valuable property, two percent borrow money from friends.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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