Historian dismantler planned to give a lecture after the murder of PhD student


www.vsyako.netOleg Sokolovtsi: Alexander Halperin / RIA Novosti

Associate Professor of Saint-Petersburg state University (SPbSU, Russia) Oleg Sokolov, a suspect in the murder and dismemberment of PhD student Anastasia Yeshchenko, after the crime was business schedule for the week. About this on his page in Facebook said the historian Yegor Yakovlev.

According to him, the falcons talked to him on the phone the evening of 8 November, when Yeshchenko was already dead. During a call, Yakovlev wanted to negotiate with the Professor about recording the announcement of his festival lecture on November 13. “On the question of whether he will be able to give us time, Oleg Valeryevich categorically said that he would not visit the operator in his apartment: that he was recently robbed and he is afraid of strangers. That I was a little surprised, because I wasn’t going to send a statement to his home: a short review it is much easier to shoot in the University during the break between lectures,” wrote the historian.

However, when Sokolov realized that photography can be held in the University, he agreed, adding that in that day he will have a big break between lectures. “The recollection of this conversation I was a little shaky. I try not to think what was happening before, during, or shortly after our dialogue,” — said Yakovlev.

Oleg Sokolov was detained November 9 in St. Petersburg, when he tried to drown in the Sink cut off the hands of PhD student, SPSU Anastasia Yeshchenko. Sokolov in a poor condition and suffering from hypothermia was taken to the hospital. He later repented and admitted that he was with his ex-student in the relationship and killed her after a quarrel because of jealousy. Recovering, he decided to dismember the body and get rid of it. On 11 November the Sokolova court arrested for two months.

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