Obese woman lost 57 kilograms and lost friends


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A resident of Connecticut moved the bag to gastroplasty, lost 57 pounds and got rid of envious friends. It is reported by The Sun.

31-year-old Nicole Caparella (Nicole Caperilla) admitted that she gained weight during her first pregnancy. “I’ve tried all the diets and supplements to lose weight, but nothing helped, she says. But I don’t always eat right and often missed. I ate a lot of junk food like burgers, pizzas and junk food, in which a sea of carbs.”

American gained 120 pounds and complained of lack of energy and shortness of breath. “I remember one time I woke up in a panic from what just stopped breathing in her sleep,” she said. In January 2017, once again, looking at your own photos, Nicole decided to get in shape. Five months later she underwent a tubular gastroplasty — operation on reduction of volume of the stomach by surgery.

Recovering after the procedure, Caparella started to exercise five to six times a week and changed the diet. Thanks to cardio and a high protein diet. the woman managed to lose weight up to 63 kg. I supported her husband Charlie (Charlie), but close friends ridiculed her efforts. “I heard rude comments about my progress. And I’m talking about the people with whom I have been friends since childhood,” she says.

“They never supported me, only criticized and humiliated. They do not even think that their jokes are hurting me, — says the American. They ridiculed my choice of clothes and said that I’m far from perfect. They were very negative”. Nicole soon decided that buddies are just jealous of her, and ceased to communicate with them.

“I have the support of her husband and other friends, besides in my life, many new friends,” she said. Now Caparella works as a personal fitness coach and inspires others with his example. “If you want to lose weight, here’s my advice: start today, — she called. — Don’t wait for Monday. Do it now and, of course, only for myself.”

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the English village of Burwell, County Leicestershire, changed the diet, started to exercise and lost 51 pounds. Prior to this, the British weighed about 133 pounds and complained, unsuccessfully comes out in the pictures.

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