Poland said the inability of Russia to withstand a nuclear attack USA


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Michael Peterson / U.S. Air Force / AP

Strategic exercises “Grom-2019” have shown the inability of Russia to a nuclear confrontation with the United States, according to the Warsaw Institute (Poland).

In the Polish analytical centre believe that “Russia’s nuclear Arsenal still has not reached the expected level”. The reason for such statements by the Warsaw Institute was nevius missile submarine K-44 “Ryazan” project 667BDR “Squid”.

The incident, assured in the centre, shows that “in the Russian nuclear triad, not everything works properly”, resulting in the Kremlin will push for more speedy weapon upgrades.

In November during the exercises of the strategic nuclear forces K-44 “Ryazan” has made only a single launch of an Intercontinental ballistic missile R-29R, not two, as originally planned. The defense Ministry denied the information about the “emergency situation” during the strategic command-staff exercises “Grom-2019”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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