Suffered a stroke the man stood up with a wheelchair and became a bodybuilder


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A resident of Singapore, confined to a wheelchair after a stroke, took up sports and became a bodybuilder. It is reported by news portal Asia One.

In 2014, the 46-year-old Calvin lim (Kellvin Lim) going in the morning to work and fainted right on the doorstep of his home. His wife first thought he was joking, but then called doctors. As it turned out, Singaporean survived a brain hemorrhage. At the hospital, he was diagnosed with a stroke.

Doctors have warned relatives of Lima that he would need a complicated operation, but the chance to survive after it is extremely small. They said that if the operation fails, the man will die or will remain forever paralyzed. But there was no choice, so the family agreed to surgery.

The first time after surgery lim did not feel the left side of the body and was forced to move about in a wheelchair. The man was very worried that all the housework fell on the shoulders of his wife.

“In 300 meters from my house was a cafe, but I couldn’t go there because I needed about 15 minutes to get the stroller out of the house. I realized that I was starting to get depressed,” he told lim.

Then the man thought about children and business and decided to change my life. He is actively engaged in rehabilitation, and then, in 2017 began to regularly attend the gym. Lim hired a private coach, enrolled in a pool and gave up all bad eating habits. During the year the man dropped about 20 pounds.

“I often felt short of breath and felt like giving up, but remembered his family and business and found the strength to continue to fight,” shared lim.

Through sport, the Singaporean managed to get out of the wheelchair. He was so preoccupied with sports that in 2018, took second place in competitions on bodybuilding Fitness Ironman 2018. Lim hopes that his story will help many people to find motivation and to cope with difficult periods of life.

“No one, except yourself, can’t help you” — says lim.

In August it was reported about the inhabitant of the Wales, which lost 84 pounds, so her husband wouldn’t have to wash and dress her. The woman weighed 191 pounds, ate only chips and take-away food and constantly needed the help of a spouse.

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