The Parliament brought a dead pig in a coffin


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Farmers protesting against the lifting of the moratorium on land sales, brought to the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine a dead pig. About it reports TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

Activists put a dead animal in a coffin and plan to bury it at the Constitution square in the center of Kiev

According to protesters, in the case of the lifting of the moratorium on land sales they will have to cut their cattle in order to raise money and compete with large agricultural holdings. “Large agricultural holdings, whether there was any village, whether there are people they are not interested. They are only interested in earnings. And we need to people lived, prospered village, built kindergartens, schools for the young family remained in Ukraine”, — said the Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian agrarian Council Denis Marchuk.

On 11 November it was reported that on the key highways of Ukraine began the protests of the farmers against lifting the moratorium on land sales. In stock mostly farmers and rural residents, as well as representatives of the party “national body”.

Earlier, the world Bank supported land reform in Ukraine, which the authorities plan to open the market of agricultural land. The lifting of the moratorium on land sales, the incumbent since 2001, and the opening of the land market — one of the key points in the requirements of the International monetary Fund for further lending to Ukraine.

The Ministry of economic development, trade and agriculture of Ukraine published on the website reform project, under which the land market should be opened October 1, 2020.

In October, the Ukrainian sociological group “Rating” has published the results of a survey which showed that 73 per cent of Ukrainians are opposed to the lifting of the moratorium on land sales. While Zelensky did not intend to abandon the idea of reform, and the citizens of Ukraine, he urges not to be afraid of that land, “the cars will take out the Arabs, the Chinese or aliens”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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