The woman cocked jumped in the Sink, following the historian-dismantler



In St. Petersburg the girl in a paper cocked hat jumped into the river Moika in the place where the Professor of historical faculty of St. Petersburg state University, associate Professor Oleg Sokolov tried to drown parts of the body of a murdered them graduate students Anastasia Yeshchenko. It is reported portal

According to the publication, the lady in painted in the colors of the French flag cocked dived into the Sink, shouting “Vive la France!” (“Long live France!”) on the evening of 12 November. According to her, it has nothing to do with Sokolov and Eschenko. With her were two men, one of whom filmed the jump for the video, the other were the ideological inspirer of the action.

“We decided as something to mythologize, to reconstruct this event. Because in the metaphor, you can feel the pain as something else”, — explained his action woman.

Historian-dismantler Sokolova was detained November 9, when he tried to drown in the river cut off the hands of his victim — graduate students Yeshchenko. The man was in an inadequate state, he was taken to the hospital with hypothermia. He later confessed to the crime and repented. Sokolov admitted that he was with his former student in a relationship and killed her during a quarrel because of jealousy. Recovering, he decided to dismember the body and get rid of it. In the process he drank a lot, not to lose consciousness.

The court arrested Sokolova for two months. He didn’t protest against the arrest, stating that this measure is fair. In St. Petersburg state University decided to dismiss the teacher.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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