Ukraine has blocked Gazprom’s access to funds from Europe


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Egor of Eremov / RIA Novosti

Because of the threat of loss of “Gazprom” forced to withdraw from the placement of Eurobonds in Swiss francs, is scheduled for this week. The reason for this decision was the verdict of the Stockholm arbitration on the dispute with the Ukrainian “Naftogaz” reports owned by Grigory Berezkin the RBC.

The program was fully ready, but the company’s lawyers said that can’t eliminate problems. Therefore, as confirmed a source in “Gazprom”, the release will not be. The source of “Interfax”has added that before the end of the year, the company is not going to enter the European debt market.

“Gazprom” does not recognize its debt to Naftogaz which, subject to the fines reached almost three billion dollars, and appealed. Its consideration is appointed to February 2020. However, the Ukrainian company, without waiting for reconsideration, seeking the arrest of “Gazprom”.

Earlier it became known that “Naftogaz” has achieved arrest of accounts of the company GazAsia Capital S. A., which issued Eurobonds of “Gazprom” in Japanese yen. In February the company managed to ban a number of European companies payments to “Gazprom”. Among them was Gaz Capital S. A., the Issuer of the previous program bonds. Because of this, “Gazprom” had to seek another jurisdiction for placement.

The situation with the arrest of accounts is complicated by the fact that the refusal of mutual claims was the main condition of Russia to sign agreement on gas transit to Europe and direct deliveries to Ukrainian consumers. Ukraine claims that would not renounce their claims, which reached 22 billion dollars. The European Commission reported that progress on this issue in the negotiations there.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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