Named the most unacceptable things away



Reddit users told about the rude and unpleasant actions on the part of people stayed with them. It turned out that many of them violate the rules of decency and were disrespectful.

Commentator Wefedfd said that once his friend came to visit him, got really drunk. Despite the fact that they were not close friends, he invited him to spend the night, not to go like this home. “He refused, drove drunk and crashed his car. He then tried to sue us for allowing him to drive home drunk,” complained the user.

The user under the name ductoid said that one guest, recently became a mother, brought the placenta left over from the newborn baby. “She put it in my freezer where it leaked at all the food”, — he complained. Others also spoke about the shameless behavior of friends: they often damaged their property just for fun, throw things and deliberately spoiled what they love. For example, the user Aceofkings9 said that when he was a kid, a family friend grabbed his console and removed the saving of his favorite games.

Many stories have been associated with hygiene — often guests do not clean up after themselves. One of the commentators said that a friend stole from his bathroom deodorant and toothpaste. Often conflicts occurred between relatives who had different views on housekeeping. “My mom reorganized my kitchen cupboards every time she came, because I didn’t agree with my organizational system,” complained Thedaythemusicdied37. One of the users admitted that they drove a distant relative of the house because he was incontinent, but fundamentally did not wear adult diapers and ruined his furniture.

Informed netizens said about the most strange methods of earnings. Some of them sold the pictures of the parts of your body.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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