Russia demanded that detained in Austria of a former official of the Ministry of culture


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Russia demanded the extradition of the detainee in Austria of a former official of the Ministry of culture Boris Mazo, who is suspected of embezzling over 800 million rubles. About it reports “Kommersant”.

The General Prosecutor’s office demanded the extradition of the former Director of the Department of property management and investment policy of the Ministry of culture Mazo, so he was forbidden to leave Austria. The former official is wanted by the international police, but not detained him at the request of Russia, and after the opened in Spain business.

However, the Land court of Vienna has refused Spain’s extradition Mazo. The Spanish authorities claimed that he had acquired in 2017, a Villa in the resort town of Marbella. In their opinion, it was bought for 4 million euros for stolen money in Russia. In Austria assured that the property is purchased in 2015, to Maso charges of embezzlement. Lawyers of the former official provided documents showing that the house bought with the money of the family for two million euros.

The spokesman of the Land court of Vienna Christina Salzborn said that Boris Mazo now have to return a Deposit of 25 thousand euros, under which he was released.

Boris Mazo, was detained on 7 November in Austria. The reason for this was excited the police Department for combating economic and tax crimes in Spain this spring.

In September 2019, it was reported that a number of officials of the Ministry of culture is suspected of laundering more than 800 million rubles, one of the defendants was Boris Mazo. Presumably, in 2015-2016, the construction of the Hermitage was stolen 800 million.

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